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the Prophecy
Years after the Dark Ages, the Second Saga, It depicts the story after the death of Danaya and Aquil in the timeline where Cassandra is still reigning as the Queen of Lireo.
Engkantados became dependent on the four gems which led to the anger of Emre. To teach them a lesson, he sent Avesa Amihan to Encantadia to warn them about a prophecy on the passing of throne to Althea at Sapiro.
The present Queen Cassandra, the air gem was held by her, Cassandra had already one  son and no daughters during that time which made the kingdom be feared because there would be no Sanggre next in line of the diwata race but Emre gave her a chance to repent their mistakes The next child from her womb will be offered to him and child should be the next Queen of Lireo. She announced the good news to the whole kingdom. Unknowingly, her Dama, Nessa had hatred on the kingdom of Lireo. On the night Queen Cassandra gave birth into female, Nessa was the only one on her side. When the destined offering came out from the womb of Cassandra, Nessa took it away and went to the world of mortals to live there. Unknowingly of Cassandra, her baby died into give birth. In mortal world the royal princess Anastasia (Rhian Ramos) grow at mortal world.
Emre have decided to continue the prophecy. With his power, the son of Queen grew up. Emre blessed Helena with intelligence and was sent to Encantadia to bring the biggest tragedy on Encantadia. Helena returned to Encantadia, Emre asked her to build a nation. Soon, Helena became interested on the whole Encantadia. On the other hand, the fall of Lireo was predicted by Kia, the daughter of Danaya who was already thought to be dead, she lives at Tivoli Tribe Island. Jovan is destined to be husband of Kia.
The water gem was held by Althea, passed by her mother Armea. Her father, Athos has an illness which might be die anytime. She fined Kia to heal her father, When she finding Kia, she was thirsty, she goes to near river to drink water. At the river, Rascal is too there and he swims. this is the start of their romantic relationship; his fate to be husband of Althea they fell in loves each other.
Emre created the second Flamarian, Naar whom was destined to be the husband of Angela; she bless by Pirena to be new keeper of fire gem. In Lireo and she adopted daughter of Cassandra, The kingdom had decided that it is already time to have a king on the Lirean Empire. Cassandra decides passes the thrown to Ceilo, to have first King in Lirean Empire. Imaw assigned the advisers of the late Cassandra to take over the throne until the prince had a daughter on the right time. In the proclamation of the first Lirean King, the powers of the gem disappeared and led to the rise of the sixth kingdom established on Encantadia. Imaw and Alexis discovered the truth behind the birth of the female Sanggre but Imaw failed to announce it and so Alexis escaped from Helena and went to the world of mortals to find the royal princess Anastasia. When Alexis saw the royal princess, he pursues it to come with his back in Encantadia. Ashenti, the sister of Helena; Soon she discovered her extraordinary power.
When Helena plans to get the whole Encantadia, Naar disagreead with it, Helena asks to Vulcana to kill the king of Lireo. Naar, he will know the bad intention of Helena to the king of Lireo. Naar and Cielo they are planning to use each other for the success of their kingdoms; Naar on Flamara and Cielo on Lireo. When the four gems disappeared, Cassandra use the magic scepter with all powers of Diwata’s to kill Helena. This start living the Diwata’s no magical powers and they live happily ever after.
……………………………………….… Soon the Third Empire …………………………………………………………

·         Cassandra (Alice Dixson)– the current Queen of Lireo
·         Cielo (Tj Trinidad) - The first king of Lireo. He uses sword to fight on war. He is also bankable for the responsibilities.
·          Anastacia/Grace (Rhiam Ramos) – the daughter of Cassandra. Living in mortal world; she is keeper of wind gem.
·         Alexis (Aljur Abrenica) – The loyal soldier of Lirean Empire. He is known for his sword skills, Fate to be husband of Anastacia.
·         Armea (Toni Rose Gayda) – Mother of Althea the queen of Sapiro.
·         Althos (Dante Rivero) – Father of Althea and the king of Sapiro.
·         Althea (Hearth Evangelista) – the daughter of Armea the young Queen of Sapiro.
·         Kia (Sheena Halili) – the daughter of Danaya and Aquil. The friend of Jovan destined to be husband of her; she is keeper of earth gem.
·         Jovan (Wil Devon) – Jovan traveling with Kia and they are riding with their horses; he use Axe to fight.
·         Rascal (Geoff Taylor) – his boastful and virtuous traveler and fate to be husband of Althea; he use bow and arrow to fight
·         Angela (Carla Abellana) – adopted child of Cassandra, the daughter of Muros. Bless by Pirena to be child fire and new keeper of fire gem
·         Flamarian Kingdom – The sixth kind of Encantadian and was created by Emre to end the power of the four gems.
·         Naar or Narcissus (Geoff Eigenmann) – the fourth good Flamarian; he use bow and arrow to fight. He was given to teach the diwatas to live without the four gems since they had depended on it for a long time. He will fell in love with Angela the daughter of muros. His best friend of Cielo.
·         Helena (Angelica Dela cruz) – Helena is originally a Sanggre until Emre blessed her to be a Queen of Flamarian kingdom. The powerful Flamarian; she is mother of Naar.
·         Ashenti (Iwa Moto) – the sister of Helena. She was taken by a dama and was brought to the world of mortals to take revenge.
·         Pyr (Ryan Eigenmann) – the second Flamarian appeared in the franchise. He is the father of Mira. Helena resurrected him having the black power and blessed him as a legitimate Flamarian.
·          Ignis (Gary Estrada) - the third Flamarian appeared in the franchise. He was supposedly the son of Agane and Hagorn but was aborted by the first because of the fear her son would be controlled by Hagorn; he is the father of Naar.
·         Dama Nessa (Vanesse Delmoran)- Dama of Cassandra
·         Vulcana (Raiza Cenon) – right hand of Helena
·         Banak And Nakba (Muymoy Palaboy)


  1. I am a big fan of Encantadia. I think the story you have written is very promising. Anyway, my only comment is: please check most of your sentences, because their grammar are actually wrong. I am not insulting you or something, I am just too interested to read what you've written and it is really hard to understand if the grammar is a bit off. Good luck!! :)

  2. i am also writing stuff about encantadia, but the char. are way too different, heres the site if you wanna read it

  3. buong synopsis na ba ito...
    bakit kalat na...
    ndi na exciting ang magaganap... hahaha...

  4. at kasama pa pala c glamorosa dito... hahaha